Players activation code benefits

How player activation code work if you register without an activation code you will not receive the 12 free tokens. you will only receive the free tokens when you pre-register with a activation code. The 12 free tokens you receive as a thank you for registering is used to unlock one live game. Tokens are the game’s currency instead of money. So please take advantage of your free tokens while it’s still available to you. This is only a short promotion if you want to pre-register click the link below.

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Firefan best interactive sports game

Firefan it’s going to change the way we play and watch sports.
did you ever wonder when the time will come when you can sit down on your couch watch the game and actually interact with the game. well that time has came and it’s here now if you’re a real big sports fan I think you should at least try the game play with your favorite team and then tell me what you think about it to pre-register click on the link below.

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There has NEVER been a game like FireFan.


With FireFan, you can play along LIVE while competing against sports heroes,
celebrities, and friends.
You make the calls. You predict the plays. Scores. Penalties. And More.

The FireFan personality is:
FUN Anyone, any age can play
IRREVERENT A little swagger, brazen and bold
PASSIONATE No longer a spectator…an active participant
COMPETITIVE Can you beat the Pros?
HUMOROUS Serious about the game, but always with a sense of humor
EXCITING Puts you right into the action
CASUAL Play anywhere, anytime
APPROACHABLE No prep, just pick it up and play
COMMUNITY You are part of a group, not in solitary confinement

FireFan is a power brand. So don’t just talk about it… FAN THE FIRE!

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